The Diary

T’was a simple block of text, nothing more and nothing less
Yet the upheaval it has caused, is causing quite a mess.

How could a girl of so few years, have known such particulars
And what, pray tell could’ve driven her, to include them in her memoirs?

She’d kept the diary ‘neath her pillow, since she was just a lass
But since the text went public, her little lasses ass was grass!

Had they read way too much into it, that simple block of text?
And by unintended innuendo, allowed themselves to be perplexed?

But how else could one interpret, “He rode me mother piggyback”
And did the Chancellor really whisper “Care to share a tic tac paddywack?”

So many questions left unanswered, meanwhile the Chancellors up a crick
As he can’t account for his whereabouts that day he called in sick.

And what of the little lassie’s mother? She’s gone into complete seclusion.
Leaving those of us with inquiring minds, to draw our own conclusion.

This little exercise in absurdity includes Misky’s Twiglet #151 ‘block of text’ and the three phrasal prompts provided by the OLWG #119. The phrases were:

  1. call in sick
  2. the diary beneath her pillow
  3. we can share a tic tac

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