to loo or not to loo

Photo courtesy of CCC #52

At the bottom of the garden
Where fairies used to nest
The magistrates of Mockingham
Are holding an inquest.

Seems some contractors from Capezium
Were digging a new loo
When they hit a main of candy-cane
And havoc did ensue.

“Could have been there since the Faerie days
Could be an ancient artifact
Halt all further excavation
Leave the sacred vein intact!”

“But our children,” cried the peasants,
“Have nowhere else to go
Our pots are full to overflowing
Dig the privy before the snow!”

“Order” cried the magistrates
“We’ll need a brief recess
Before we can pass judgement
In this whole stinking mess.”

Meanwhile back in Blinkcanshire
Little Sally’s still distraught
Over what became of the candy-cane
She had, but now has naught.

This little ditty was inspired by the photo prompt provided by Crispina’s Crimson’s Creative Challenge #52. Also included in the piece are Michael’s Taleweaver prompt on MLMM, ‘At the bottom of the garden’ and the prompt word, nest as provided by Denise at Six Sentence Stories.


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