Fraught with boredom, and well into his fifth Jäger with a Heineken back, Edgar decided to explore the epic properties of ordinary impulse control, by leaning awkwardly over the guy on the stool to his right, as he grappled for the drink condiment caddy on the service bar.

“Gimme that!” he grunted as he dropped back onto his stool with a beleaguered, “Humph!”

“You wan’ it? Get it yaself!” The guy snapped back, the scowl on his face making clear his level of annoyance.

“Why you gotta be so rude?” Edgar retorted, jerking his head stiffly to one side as if in punctuation.

“Me? Rude?” The guy came up off his bar stool. “I ain’t the one that’s bein’ rude. You can’t say, “Can you hand that to me please?” You gotta say “Gimme that!”, like I owe you somethin’, after it was you climbin’ all over me to get it in the first place?”

“Settle down bro. What you gettin’ all wired about? All I wanted was..” In lieu of finishing his sentence, Edgar, quite foolishly as it turned out, decided to push just one. more. button. and swung on the guy, bottle of Heineken still in his clenched hand.

When he came to, Edgar found himself no longer nearly as interested in the effect the epic properties of ordinary impulse control may have on boredom. In fact, one could safely say, his curiosity had been all but sat(urat)ed.

This piece contains the three phrasal prompts offered on the OLWG #35. The phrases were:

  1. The epic properties of ordinary
  2. Can you hand me that please
  3. fraught

9 thoughts on “Sat(urat)ed

  1. Yeeks. that’s not a good place to pass out.
    Nice one, J. Couldn’t help thinking of a long-ago friend of mine. On holiday in Bulgaria, she sees nuts on the bar. In our local such nuts are provided foc for the imbiber. Since she is imbibing, she helps herself. Nix, silly bitch. Here you buy these nuts by the bowl; they’d belonged to the bear of a man balanced upon the barstool next to her. Oops.

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