CCC #51

Imelda sidled along the gossamer strands of her latest creation, lifted two of her front forelegs to ten and two, and much like a bandleader summoning the start of his orchestra, captivated the complete attention of her arthropod audience. 

“This is definitely one of my favourites,” she began, as she extended two additional hirsute, tendril like legs in each direction. “I call it, Lucifer’s Labyrinth. The swirling motion, the complexities of the corridors, the absence of any possibility of exit, all these elements just seem to come together here, encouraging one’s victim, ahem, ones viewer, to just focus mindlessly on the inevitable.”

She continued with a short recitation highlighting her inspirations for the piece, the time and cost involved in executing it, and then invited all of us, insect and arachnid alike, aboard for a closer look.

What could (possibly) go wrong?

This was written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge in response to the photo prompt provided. It also includes Misky’s Twiglet #150, ‘just focus’, and the three phrasal prompts offered by the OLWG #33. The phrases were as follows:

  1. One of my favourites
  2. What could go wrong
  3. bandleader

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