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“It wasn’t until I felt the sun on my face that I knew, really knew, I’d made it back.” I found myself confessing to a guy named Harv whose only mistake had been to straddle the stool next to mine in a little dive that called itself the El Mar. 

A few hours ago, Harv and I had been complete and total strangers, and chances were an hour from now we would go back to being just that. But in this moment, I felt closer to Harv than I had ever felt to another human being in my entire life.

Maybe it was just the beer, but I felt as if Harv was the first person I had ever encountered that really understood me. He didn’t say much, an “uh-huh” here or there- but he didn’t try to change the conversation, or twist it around to being about himself either.

He listened. Even his eyes stayed with me. They didn’t dart around the room distractedly every time the door opened or someone at one of the pool tables got loud. He made me feel like he was genuinely interested, not just suffering through the whole conversation, trying to be nice.

When he silently excused himself and headed towards the latrine, I motioned for the bartender, and told him whatever Harv wanted the rest of the night, was on me. Least I could do for a guy who had devoted his entire evening to listening to the story of my life.

“That Harv is a great guy.” The bartender said as he swapped out our soggy coasters for new ones and poured us another round. “Always a smile on his face. Sometimes I wonder how it does it. It can’t be an easy life, what with him being deaf and all.”

This piece is written in 50 word increments utilizing the three phrases provided by the OLWG #126 and incorporates the literary quote portion of the challenge on 50 Word Thursdays

The phrases this week are:

  1. A guy named Harv
  2. uh-huh
  3. el mar

And the quote was: “It wasn’t until I felt the sun on my face that I knew, really knew, I’d made it back.”   – Summoned to Thirteenth Grave – Darynda Jones.

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