Photo courtesy of CCC #50

“I don’t think I can do this.” Jodi said to herself as she stood before what could only have been the pearly gates- that judgement being made purely on aesthetics inculcated in her by the lingerings of a slack Catholic upbringing as the only visible signage was written in a language comprised solely of vowels which made about as much sense to her as the incestuous relationships between Adam and Eve’s children being sanctioned- out of necessity.

‘I mean, lets face it, I am not eternity material. I’m a serial screw-up, a legend for losers, imperfection is my middle name for Christ’s sake! Somebody got their wires crossed somewhere, I am not supposed to be here.”

“Quite right Miss,” came a voice out of nowhere, in proper British cadence, “I believe you’ll find the service entrance round the back.”

This piece was inspired by Crispina’s photo of the week on Crimson’s Creative Challenge. It was written in six sentences using the Six Sentence Story prompt, Legend, and includes the Tale Weaver word of the week, Eternity.


13 thoughts on “Whoops!

  1. lol*

    * a compliment on the Six**
    ** which, though for unknown reasons, I didn’t immediately see your name, I did think, “Nice, I know this writer from somewhere….”***
    *** a further compliment as I am, personally at the stage of this writing thing to consider ‘voice’ the highest good in the whole enterprise.


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