Las Donnas Fatales

Image by Vitabello from Pixabay

Damian Wojciehowicz was raised Italian. Not just Italian. North Jersey connected Italian. 

His mother, the former Lily Abruzzi married Jackie Pescatore when Damian was three. Her family, having all but disowned their precious Lilianna when she turned her back on their strict Italian culture and married ‘a Polack’, was so thrilled when Lily announced her engagement to Jackie, a good Italian boy, they chose to overlook Jackie’s alleged connection to the Family that was rumored to have executed Damian’s father, whilst liberating a truck load of cigarettes- from a truck Damian’s father had the ultimate misfortune to be driving at the time.

Out of what Jackie insisted was respect for Damian’s dearly departed father, (though some whispered it was to assuage his Family’s guilt) Damian retained the sir-name Wojciehowicz. But that is where his ties to the Polish American community ended.  

By the age of fifteen, Damian, or ‘Wojo’ as he had come to be called, was already well on his way to making a name for himself. Not only was he the cutest, most sought after boy enrolled at Immaculate Conception High School, but he had already carved out an earning niche for himself running a profitable ‘homework for hire’ racket on several local community college campuses. 

Though his money making prowess originally put him on the Family’s radar, ultimately it was his shoulder length black hair, piercing blue eyes and the uncanny ability he possessed to manipulate anything wearing a skirt that allowed him to carve out one of the most prestigious earning slots ever created to fund a north Jersey Family.

Las Donnas Fatales. Drop dead gorgeous, single use killing machines- that could be had for the price of a good fuck.

To be continued?

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