my god

as they lay there in
the blue white glow
of the back and white tv
she brushed his hair
back off his face
and listened to him breath
he was at peace now
her sleeping angel
no more anger
no more rage
her heart whispered-
‘my god, i love you’
her face buried
in his so soft mane
as tears escaped in silence
from her blue black
swollen eyes
and trickled ever
slowly past
that which makeup
would not hide
she stroked his chest
and longed to reach
inside, and somehow mend
the scar tissue
that was once his heart-
long ago
and way back when….

When skin or organs are damaged, the body naturally wants to heal itself. Since the body cannot re-create healthy skin or tissue, it puts together new fibers that are not as functional as the original tissue, but that serve as a protective, useful barrier. When this barrier is completely healed, it is known as scar tissue.

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