CCC #46

Flesh becomes a liar. 
Declining hormones squelch desire.
Your friend the mirror will betray you. 
Aches and pains will of’t dismay you. 
To the younger set? You’re inconsequential. 
To prospective employers? No long-range potential. 
Your opinions? Easily dismissable. 

Leaves you wondering, “Am I really that invisible?” 
It’s just as deadly as it looks. 

Now, tell me again how old you feel?  
Really? That old?
This was written for last weeks Crimson’s Creative Challenge, the photo captioned, ‘Downhill’ and the three phrases provided by the OLWG #30. The phrases were:

  1. Really? That old?
  2. Was she really invisible?
  3. Just as deadly as it looks

7 thoughts on “Aging

  1. Cheers, J, and on a day when I am feeling slightly more decrepit than usual after scrambling up hill after hill after hill and then getting drenched when the heavens opened. But got some good photos.
    Usually, my mind hasn’t progressed beyond my thirties. And some days I might even look that young, though badly worn. Other days… hold me next to my mother you’d see not difference. Okay, slight exaggeration, since she now resides in an urn of ashes. And I don’t.


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