Tear-stained send off

Dey couldn’t a been friends a his. Not da Chuck I knew. 

So, who are dey? Where’d dey round ‘em up? 

Huh. None a our old haunts. 

Maybe dey came with da church. Sure, de’re some a dose professional criers.   

Wit me locked up, Chuck had plenty a cash to make sure he got a tear-stained send off. 

Plenty a cash. My cash. The cash I came ta dis berg ta collect. 

Maybe his bein’ dead is doin’ me some kinda back-handed favor. 

Sure keeps me from killin’ him for my cut of the dough. 

A blessing or a curse? Who knows. 

If I’d a got to him first, I don’t think I’d a been smart enough ta know da difference anyway.

I’m gettin’ tired a buryin’ my friends. 

Especially da ones dat up n die wit’out givin’ me a chance to wring my cut outta ‘em first.

This was written for Crispina’s Crimson’s Creative Challenge #47 utilizing the three phrases provided by the OLWG #122. The phrases were:

  1. round ‘em up
  2. am I smart enough to know the difference?
  3. burying my friends

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