Conversations with a Catholic girl

“Looks like Cupid has been a particularly busy little bowman this year.” Father Murphy jested as he ran his finger down a long line of reservations looking for the first available Saturday afternoon on which the church could accommodate yet another spring wedding. “The church is booked solid. I’m afraid it won’t be available until April 1st.”

“April Fools Day?” Carolyn queried, her tone doing little to hide her dismay.

“To it’s credit, it would be a difficult anniversary date to forget.” Father Murphy responded jovially in effort to ease her obvious disappointment. “Why don’t you talk it over with your young man and get back to me. I can save the date until I hear back from you.”

Carolyn agreed, if only halfheartedly, and quickly dialed Bobby’s number. 

“We can’t get the church till April 1st.”

“April Fools Day?”

“That’s exactly what I said. Father thinks it would be a convenient anniversary date to remember, but then again I couldn’t tell him what the gypsy woman said. I wouldn’t want him to know that..”

“That what? That some carnival side show gypsy fortune teller told you if you weren’t married before the spring equinox you would live out your life as an old maid? C’mon, honey, you don’t really believe all that gypsy hooey do you?”

“Well.. No I guess not, but…”

“There’s always the Justice of the Peace.”

“Don’t even say that! My parents would think we had to get married if I even brought up a civil ceremony.”

“And they’d be right. We do have to get married. ’Cause I’m a fool for ya baby.”

“So it’s settled then, my little fool? I should call Father Murphy back and tell him we’ll book the church for April 1st?”

“Sure, honey, if that’s what you want. Just think of it as an extra couple a weeks for you to bone up on your cooking skills.”

“Speaking of which, I was looking over that cook book your mother gave me, and..”

“Caro, cooking is not something you read about. It’s something that you do.”

“Hey! You can learn a lot from books!”

“True. So I’ll get you a couple about great sex.”


This little ditty includes the following three phrases provided by the OLWG #26.

  1. You can learn a lot from books
  2. The gypsy woman said
  3. It won’t be available until April 1st

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