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Spike’s love for Macie was doomed before dey even said “I do.”

Ya see, dey met at a speakeasy, Da King a Clubs, where Spike used ta work da door. Da owner of da club, Dom Santi.., better yet, let’s just call him Da Boss, had two rules in his joint, keep yer mouth shut, and keep yer hands off da dames. 

For Spike, keepin’ his mouth shut was easy. In fact he was so good at it, Da Boss had him to fit a couple a mugs who couldn’t keep dere traps shut, with concrete shoes- just as an example- if ya know what I mean..  

And da part about da dames? Well Spike never really had to worry about dat. A couple a too many off nights in the fight game had seen to it dat- well, let’s just say, he didn’t have no problem with da dames- because dey never gave him a first look.  

Dat was, until Macie rolled into town.

Da night Spike first seen Macie, all baubles and fringe, dangling off da arm a some made guy, and she batted dose foot long lashes at him- he knew life would never be da same. He just didn’t know at da time, how far away from da same, life could possibly get.

Dees days, he tucks in a shirt dat has da name Harvey stitched ova da pocket and works da swing shift drivin’ a city bus in some sleepy little berg in northern Florida.

On his way out da door each day, he pecks Macie on da pin curls, as still in her bathrobe, she sits in front of da tv, reading da newspaper from da old neighborhood dat he picks up for her every day when he’s out on his route. 

Some days she says things to him like, “Hey, dey got Jimmie da Greek.” or  “Remember dat tall job from da chorus Paulo was always runnin’ after? Looks like he caught her. Says here, dey had one greedy son together, an da bastards suin’ poor Paulo’s widow for half a his estate.”

Today, she didn’t say nothin’. But that was okay wit Spike. In fact when he saw me and Jersey Mike waitin’ for him outside da apartment, and knew we was dere to fit him wit a pair a cement sandals all his own, he said, “I’m kinda glad she didn’t say nothin’. Better to remember her dat way.”

Yeah. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ma say dem was his last words.

This piece incorporates the three phrases from OLWG #21. The phrases were:

  1. They had one greedy son
  2. King of clubs
  3. I do

And that’s about the best I can say for it……

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