Alaska Vacation

“I dreamed of making this trip my whole life.” Homer commented to Ethel from his seat in the Denali Star dining car, as it hugged the edge of a lesser mountainside in the Alaska Range, a mere 200 feet above the Tanana River and crossed under the George Parks Highway, headed for the home of The Great One. “I just never imagined I’d be so old when I did it.”

“I never imagined a vacation in Alaska would mean life in flip flops.” Ethel quipped disparagingly as she surveyed the disrepair of her pedicure, “And me, without a nail salon in sight.”

“Quit fussin’ about your toe polish. With or without it, your still the prettiest girl in the room.” Homer responded adoringly, as he looked around and realized- there wasn’t a ‘girl’ in the room under 65.

Ethel’s eyes followed Homers gaze. “We’re not really as old as all these ‘old people’, are we?” She whispered from behind the breakfast menu she was pretending to peruse.

“Hell no!” Homer barked. “Age is just a number. It’s all in how you feel. I don’t feel any different than I did when I was 25.”

“Me either!” Ethel chimed in, the sparkle of youth twinkling through her rose tinted progressive lenses. “Cholesterol be damned! I’m having the Benedict!”

“Make it two!” Homer signaled to the waiter letting him know they were ready to order, “But, tell ‘em to go easy on the cayenne, these old pipes ain’t what they used to be!”

This piece was inspired by Crispina Kemp’s photo prompt, on her weekly Crimson’s Creative Challenge and incorporated the phrases provided by the OLWG #18. The phrases were:

  1. I don’t feel any different
  2. Life in flip flops
  3. Go easy on the cayenne

8 thoughts on “Alaska Vacation

  1. I have to smile at the age-related comments. No, we’re never as old as the oldsters. And isn’t it wonderful that we’re still young enough to enjoy a treat. And that applies no matter our age … or whatever the lies on our birth certificates. Mine is in gross error! I demand a recount.


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