Provided she did exactly as instructed, she should be able to get it right. And right meant the child must be- White. Wholly and completely. Not a drop of tainted blood must be running through it’s veins. Blonde hair,  blue eyes, fair skin these were the favored selective Aryan traits.

This automatically eliminated seventeen of the infants currently in the hospital nursery as they were visibly black or brown. Three more were of questionable ancestry- although their skin tone did not betray them, their bassinets bore name plates that reeked of Latin influence. They too had been eliminated for cause. 

Three more were clearly Jews. Rabinowitz, Silverman, Greenberg. One oriental. One obviously afflicted with Downs Syndrome. This brought the final number of newborns from which the child must be chosen down to nine. Of those nine, four were immediately eliminated based on their having been born of the inferior sex. 

That left five. Five healthy, strong, boys from which the first furor of the future would be chosen. The mere thought of hearing those five words, perfect in their alliteration, blaring over loud speakers around the world, caused Bethany’s fine hairs to stand at attention. First Furor of the Future. 

This time would be different. The party would not allow another self serving, bipolar maniac to usurp control of the well oiled machine they had spent decades developing. The next furor would be cultivated, nurtured, educated, and groomed for just such a position. This time, failure was not an option.

This piece incorporates the three words provided by OLWG #8: Bipolar, Alliteration and Selective as well as Misky’s Twiglet: Questionable Ancestry. The opening line was provided by 50 word Thursday and is a quote from Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death by M C Beaton.

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