God Money

Rhetorical “I love you’s”-
batted back and forth like flies
squandered sex replaces passion
 satin bed sheets stained with lies.
Caustic conversations, peppered
black with loathings mold,
through laser whitened smiles
veneering loveless, store bought souls..
A marriage of constituents,
fed on debt devoured dreams
youthful longings long succumbed,
to god money’s siren screams…
Credit cards, and joint accounts
the bones on which they feed-
A living breathing sacrifice,
to avarice and greed…

4 thoughts on “God Money

  1. ” Store bought souls”. Love it. An apt description of the consumer society in which we live. Money rules. What we wouldn’t do for money. ” Money makes the world go around, the world go around……………”. I agree with Chris. Powerful poem.


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