Re: Love After Love

Photo from Romany and Traveller Family History Society

“I see behind you a path littered with human obstacles.” 

“Some, it appears you dragged onto the path yourself. Many of their number caused you to be distracted for great lengths, only to find when you parted company, you had not been following your own path at all.” 

“So intent were you in traversing this path of your own desires, you failed to notice the pieces of yourself you sacrificed along the way.”

“Your path is growing short, soon the end will be in view. It is imparitive that you retrace many of your steps. That you go back and collect all the little pieces of you that have been bought or sold along the way.”

“For only then, when you are whole, will realise the gift that was to have been your destiny. As you will love again, the stranger that was yourself.”

This piece containing exactly 144 words, was written in response to Kim’s Prosery Prompt on dVerse utilizing the line, “You will love again the stranger that was yourself.” from a poem entitled ‘Love After Love” by Derek Walcott.

12 thoughts on “Re: Love After Love

  1. One of my favourite poems. Your piece is exactly how I am feeling right now in regards to my own journey, thinking there was perhaps ‘a magical other’ and realizing slowly (perhaps too slowly) something I read in one of the poems on the site that I was ” looking for a consort, not a saviour” . All we can hope for is a companion along the way…….


  2. Sometimes it takes a stranger to point you in the right direction to find yourself. The way I read your story, Violet, the speaker was a fortune teller or a psychic doing a reading for a lost soul. I love the idea of going back and collecting all the little pieces that have been bought or sold along the way.


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