Spring Break 1987

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The week that was supposed to have been the absolute crescendo of Melanie’s collegiate career and celebrate her embarkation upon the home stretch of her senior year, that final year of growth and liberation, instead became a nightmare from which there will be no waking up.

It began innocently enough, two middle of the spectrum girls from Ohio fly into Ft Lauderdale, rent a car at the airport, and stop off at the first bar they come to, the famed Elbow Room on the corner of Las Olas and the A1A strip- even before checking in to their less than lavish ocean-side accommodations.

A few celebratory libations later, they are engaging in some pre-code flirtations with a couple of liquored up pre-law students who just happen to be in search of a ride to Confetti’s, a notorious hot spot over on Commercial, a multilevel lounge that serves up dancing girls in cages as appetizers- free with the purchase of every over priced cocktail.

As any thought of consequence quickly effervesced into the scent of the alcohol induced hormonal haze that is Spring Breaks signature perfume, the giddy foursome poured themselves into the girls rented car and set off in the rose glow of and early evening dusk for titillating points as of yet unknown, Melanie at the wheel.

From that point, the events of the evening have had to have been reconstructed by the district attorney, as Melanie, the only survivor of the high speed T-bone collision, perhaps fortunately, has no first hand recollection.

In fact, the only thing Meanie knows for sure about the daymare that played out in that rented car, just over the tracks, headed west on Commercial, as the sun slipped below the horizon, is that four bright, young co-eds embarking upon what should have been a right of passage, shared only a brief interlude on the streets of South Florida, from which none of them are ever going home…

This is a Six Sentence Story that utilizes Denise’s prompt word: Code, Eugenia’s Brew-N-Spew Cafe prompt words: Nightmare and Daymare as well as the three phrases provided by Tnkerr’s OLWG writing challenge: The final year of growth and liberation, Liquored up and Never going home- well, almost…

17 thoughts on “Spring Break 1987

  1. That paragraph: As any thought of consequence quickly effervesced into the scent of the alcohol induced hormonal haze that is Spring Breaks signature perfume … I’m stunned. The entirety has me speechless, but this paragraph bowls me over with its word choices. J, you the best. So good to have you back 🙂 Oops, I think I may have effervesced. 🙂


  2. Violet! I love your story for many reasons – I lived in South Florida for 10 years and familiar with all of your points of interest. The sad ending was unexpected, yet expected. A brilliant take on the prompt and excellent writing. Thank you for participating in the challenge.


  3. Back in the day it was indeed Ft. Lauderdale for spring break. Tragic ending to this spring break story. Youthful disregard for mortality + alcohol + beach vacation doesn’t always turn out so well.
    Impressive piece incorporating all the prompts/challenges!


  4. Could we have found another path, had the high(er) end of the costs of bad fortune been made more clear? Worse to contemplate, would we?
    Talk about the ‘for wont of a nail’ nature of reality when viewed in retrospect.
    (Sorry to appear to over-identify with your story, but although the days of skirting the abyss, at least for those of us not the victims of statistical probabilities, are covered by years of decreasing risks, but never so completely as to prevent a shiver of recognition.)

    Excellent wordage:“…hormonal haze that is Spring Breaks signature perfume.”


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