Man’s Law

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

If God is love, and Ismael truly believes He is, and love is the most powerful of God’s attributes, then no man, no law, and no government could forbid his love for Marta. And yet man’s law decreed a black man could not love a white woman, and his government, enforced it.

Driven like a fugitive from his homeland. Ripped away from not only Marta, but his family, his culture, his people. Forced to flee from one strange city after another, in hope of remaining alive long enough, to someday return, and lay eyes on his first born son.

Written for Friday Fictioneers photo prompt.

9 thoughts on “Man’s Law

  1. This makes my heart hurt, beautifully written though. Racism isn’t only one of the most hurtful and dangerous ideas, it’s also inherently stupid. Diversity creates strong, healthy populations. Simple genetics…


  2. Man does not act in God’s interest. Man for the most part is a base creature with base desires and willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy them, including rape, murder, pillage, genocide, mass incarceration. So many times a story like this is set in a future dystopia. To have it be the now…


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