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From the time I were just a button nose little kid, I knew ours was a family full of secrets.

And I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout secrets ever body in the holler knows but keeps tight lipped about, like mama an’ deddy bein’ first kin or when a candles burnin’ in the kitchen winda we got whisky for sale.

I’m talkin’ ‘bout Deddy’s secrets- secrets that if they got out, Deddy said he’d see to it me and mama’d ‘breathe like fishes’- and even as little snot nosed kid, I knew what he meant.

Mama went to her grave keepin’ Deddy’s secrets- unless’n that’s what put her there.

An’ that’s what I’m aimin’ to find out by keepin’ Deddy trussed up down cellar, just like he done all them women he picked up sittin’ on barstools, filled full a whisky, and painted up like harlots- the ones he called Jezebels and told me n mama he been hand picked by the lord to wipe off the face of the earth- ‘cause they was sinners of the worst kind, and it was through him they was fixin’ to escape hell.

He ain’t been down there nary a week and already hes cryin’ like a church boy, and I can tell it won’t be long now, ‘cause Deddy might could’a reckoned his bein’ picked out by the lord made him special, but truth be told- he ain’t no wheres near as special as me an’ mama- least not when entrusted with a secret….

Written for Denise’s Six Sentence Stories prompt word: Escape, utilizing the phrase prompts provided by Tnkerr’s OLWG (whisky for sale, button nosed kid and when entrusted with a secret) and Misky’s Twiglet (breathe like fishes).

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