Neither here nor there

He hoped that by remaining where he was he might do some good, even there. Here, amidst the indulgences and the luxuries, where the streets were burst with chauffeur driven motorcars, whose highly bred occupants gazed, not out glazed shuttered windows upon the squalor of the city, but rather inward.

Where no blame could be laid, on the cost of the butcher, the baker or the candlestick maker, as their seemingly minuscule fees caused hardly a ripple. but rather drowning in the inert seas of their own inadequacies, the gentry wallowed, often chin deep in waters rife with life’s discontent.

For neither here nor there existed any swifter a way to put an end to their misery, or what was perceived to be their misery, than to take a life. Only here, with no one outside of self to blame, the life most often sought to take, was one’s own.

Written for Kristian’s 50 word Thursday using his prompt phrase: ‘He hoped that by remaining where he was he might do some good, even there.’ And I did it in Six Sentences! Using Denise’s prompt word: Burst.

9 thoughts on “Neither here nor there

  1. Reading this felt akin to lapping at a dessert of stewed apples and pears, and meringue and loads and loads of cream and … for while the words are rich and sweet, the world described, of overindulgence, kinda turns the gills.


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