Ravaged by Flood

Swollen River Holme Courtesy of the Examiner

The flood raged
over the entire village.
Humiliating the men.
Violating the women.
Killing small children,
swallowed deep inside
hungry feather beds,
dreaming of spry Easter Bunnies
hiding brightly colored eggs
amongst lush spring buds
grown thick and swollen
behind the hot tongue
of a wanton young sun
as it licked away
winters snowy lingerie
leaving the thirsty river’s edge
engorged with the
seminal seasons spent seed.

Written in response to MLMM’s Mad about Metaphors call for a piece beginning with the line ‘the flood raged over the entire city’ and creating a unique personality through use of metaphor. Not sure this fits the bill, but it is definitely what was spoken to me.

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