Glass Castle

Glass Castle Anonymous Contributor

much a
in a castle
made of glass, founded
on the silt and sand of a
contrived, filtered past. Run through
by a pebble, of well placed truth,
web of lies becomes, a hangman’s noose..

A Reverse Nonet written using the word, Castle provided by Eugenia’s Brew N Spew Cafe, and synonyms for the words plan and spend, provided by Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday #synonyms only, my choices are italicized.

Further inspiration provided by the book, The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls.

13 thoughts on “Glass Castle

  1. There was a MLMM Tale Weaver Fairy Tale…June 27th (though I didn’t do a fairy tale) prompt by Michael that this would fit too. Nicely done.


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