Photo provided by Helene’s What Do You See?

Nels isn’t like the other children.

When they play hide and seek, he is always ‘it’.

If the game is kickball, he is the one no one chooses to be on their team.

He simply doesn’t let that bother him.

You see, death had made him impervious to the little slights, and unkindness’s the other children once bestowed upon him.

No, Nels isn’t like the other children, anymore.

Written for Six Sentence Stories, with a special nod to Helene’s What Do You See? as she provided the photo prompt some weeks back.

18 thoughts on “Nels

  1. Sad commentary on society that a child is left to grieve alone and his/her peers are so callous. This made me sad. In a good way though, as it hit me right where it should. And makes one think. Loved it. 🙂


  2. I’ve read and re-read, and I’m still not sure if the reason Nels is unlike other children is that he’s a ghost. Or just coated in emotional immunity because of a family death. But that ambiguity makes it all the stronger for me

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  3. (continuing the theme of the others) if child can be a ghost, at least from their perspective, surely a ghost can be a child (which leaves us to wrestle with the question: would that second state be heaven or would it be hell.
    Thought-provoking Six, yo


  4. This SSS grabbed at my heartstrings. To be a little boy and feel so invisible at such a time of mourning is so sad.


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