“something inside me is energy, and it was not created, so it cannot be destroyed….” from the girls by Lori Lansens

we stood in front
of my childhood closet
fighting about
the course that i was on
she was positive i would
never make it
into the kingdom of her god
and to tell you the truth
to this day,
i am ever thankful
i will not..

“i will never die!”
i remember yelling at her,
knowing full well
that my physical body
would someday expire..
but i knew then
with the clarity
of an epiphany,
that the force
that i called “i”
would never die,
but just move on..

to date,
i have received
no further revelation.
no moments of insight,
no visions in the night..
yet, each time i recall
that single apparition
of teenage clarity,
it rings with a truth
i have never found
in any god…

5 thoughts on “Epiphany

  1. I wonder if your friend retained the faith that was (presumably) inherited. Religion is an interesting phenomena, rather like patriotism – another dyed-in-the-wool issue that rarely does us any favours. My father was a conscientious objector, like his father before him, but if he had fought, he’d have been with the British. However, if he’d been German, he’d have fought for Germany.

    I propose we burn flags, build bridges and get all the religious leaders in the world to meet together, scrap their gods and invent a nice new one that they can all agree on (preferably hermaphrodite), for those who need it. We could offer them a lifetime supply of chocolate cake on successful completion of their task – who could possibly resist that?

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