English as a first language

Photo Courtesy of Crimson’s Creative Challenge

“De boat. Let oehs begin abooeht de time ye descahvered de boat.” Detective Barrett implored, his thick brogue disguising the question just enough that I had to rely on Ryan for a nudge of interpretation before I could answer.

“The boat,” Ryan reiterated, “he wants to know about when you first discovered the boat.”

“Ah, well okay then. That would have been this morning just about sunrise. Although I thought I heard commotion on the pebbles in the middle of the night, but well frankly I was a bit under the weather, and couldn’t be bothered at the time to find out what it was.”

The Detective gave Ryan the flustered look I imagine I had given him a moment before, so I paused briefly for Ryan to clarify.

“T’was dere at soehnrise. Cooehld have ‘ave ‘eard sahmeone abooeht in de night, langered dooehgh she was, ‘erself is oehnsure.”

Written in response to Crispina’s Crimson’s Creative Challenge Photo Prompt.

4 thoughts on “English as a first language

  1. Could be wrong, but I’m thinking the Detective could be Dutch or German. But maybe I think that cos the boat is pulled up on Cromer beach, a day’s trip across the sea to Netherlands


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