not my god…

Chava and Feyedka

He turned his back on his daughter,
his ‘Chavala’
to him, she is dead.
he did so, because she married Feyedka,
a Russian, not a Jew.
he did so, because his traditions dictated it.
he did so, because he believed with all of his heart it was the right thing-
the only thing to do.
he did so despite the fact
that it tore him apart
that it was inconceivable
that it made no sense.
he did so, because he honestly believed
it was required by his god to do so.

Who can logically explain to me
what god of love
of compassion
of creation
of order
would put one mans religious affiliation
so highly above another,
that he can forsake his own child?
what god would inflict this wound
upon his most cherished creation?
that which he “created in his own image”?

not my god…

Written for Chelsea Anne Owens Terrible Poetry Contest, subject An Epic Movie. This of course is based on my favorite epic movie, Fiddler on the Roof..

9 thoughts on “not my god…

  1. NOT MY GOD! This “almost” happened to me when I married my current husband. Evidently my mom said she would not abandon me, yet… they did emotionally. Religion and religious addicts cause lots of pain.


  2. Violet. I was agreeing with your words all the way through. Yet,who am I to judge another’s beliefs. I continually find it difficult to understand some cases. Religions and their dogma continue to divide us. What God would want this?❤


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