Tale Tales

CCC #28

The story went, that the farmers daughter hung herself in the old potting shed because her father shot her beloved dog in there. Now on full moons just after midnight, they said you can see the girl, still swinging from the rope in the upstairs window, when the moon shines through the old greenhouse wall.

Tim and Robby had heard the stories, but tonight they intended to see for themselves.

Just after midnight, the moon crested the hill and shone through the greenhouse wall, illuminating the small windows in the second story. For what seemed like hours they sat, palms sweating, hearts racing, eyes like saucers- but the ghost of the dead girl never appeared.

At school Monday morning however, wild stories circulated about the two brave boys, who not only saw the ghost of the swinging girl, but were chased off the property by the ghost of her gun wielding father as well..

Written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #28

4 thoughts on “Tale Tales

  1. That’s great. love it. Has me chuckling. And everything about that *quaint* setting lent itself to gothic imaginings. It was so off the road, no street lights around. And you’ve nailed it good, the embroidered tale.


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