Tundra Flower

Pasque Flower blooming in Healy Alaska

Where once I made use of everything and every one, manipulated my way through thought process and circumstance to achieve my own personal agenda, and cared not what effect my actions might have on that with which I surround myself, presently I find myself unchoreographed, stripped of all pretense.

I have not knowingly employed one power of deception, plotted a single course, nor sought out any weakness that may be used to my advantage, since I arrived.

I fear not, that I have gone from being the predator to the prey.

Instead, I am surrounded by a great feeling of contentment. As if the weight of constantly contriving my existence has been lifted from me. For the first time, I am experiencing life, without an encumbering need for the strategies I always thought were quintessential to creating my own little corner of the world.

I bloom now, because it is my time- not because I have made it so.

devoid of motive
stillness springs forth, disguised as
a tundra flower.

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