Never a dull moment.

“Aught! I’ve cut the ‘ell out of me bleedin’ finger on the bleedin’ edge here. Go and get me a towel or something will ye Mattie! An be quick about it!” Daugherty snapped, as if it were Mattie’s own fault he had sliced open his finger while crushing what was definitely not his first ale can of the morning.

She took it in passing, as she was used to his little outbursts. He was a man with quite a few rough edges. Ah, but if truth be told, that was why she loved him.

Anyone could love a man who was gentle and kind all the time. One who didn’t drink too much or slip off with a skirt now and again. But loving one that did all those things, and was bound to raise a drunken hand to you on occasion, well now, that was a real challenge.

Oh Mattie had tried loving a good man, even married a couple of them. But something about being treated so nice all the time- well, it just got so boring.

And if there was one thing Daugherty wasn’t, it was boring.

Take today for instance. As Mattie got off her graveyard shift at the factory and walked the drizzly mile home, she had no idea what state he would be in when she arrived.

He might be as meek as a lamb, sorry he was for having slapped her a good one last night because he thought she was taking too much time putting her face on- and to Daugherty, that translated into her having taken a fancy to one of her coworkers.

Or he might be randy as a schoolboy, all hands and tongue, couldn’t get her on the kitchen counter fast enough. Oh, how she loved him when he was like that!

Or he could be on another bleedin’ drunk. Which was the Daugherty she came home to today. But no harm there. He’d pick a fight with her soon enough, stomp out the door in a rage, and cut a clean path to Clancy’s Pub.

And she’d take a long hot shower, slip into something a little more comfortable, and hope her randy Daugherty would make it home sober enough to follow through this time.

Ah, twas life on the bleedin’ edge she was living here, Mattie thought to herself with a wink and a smile, as she wrung out a hot towel to wrap Daugherty’s bleeding finger in.

Never a dull moment.

Written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge Phrase: Bleeding Edge.

16 thoughts on “Never a dull moment.

  1. A woman can convince herself that this is what she wants and deserves; call it living on the edge with excitement because that is easier than facing the truth.
    This was fabulous, Violet.

    Liked by 1 person

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