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“Los Pobrecitos!” Amalia teased her twin tween boys when they complained that every other kid in their school had new iphones and not ‘20 year old androids’ like they had.

“Suck it up, guys. Your moms a waitress not a brain surgeon, and as far as I’m concerned, I’m doing pretty damn good providing both of you with all the techno stuff you need. Didn’t I just spring for a new Playstation and two new games a couple a months ago? I ain’t made a money boys.”

Travis groaned, and Trevor made the loser L with his right hand held to his forehead as they stomped out the apartment door. Judging by the looks of disgust on both of their faces, Amalia surmised they were no doubt on their way to stick pins in the first voodoo doll they could find made in her image.

‘Little do they know, how lucky they are to have phones at all.” She consoled herself, grabbing her lighter and heading for the bathroom.

She was long overdue for some ‘Me’ time, and a hot lavender oil bubble bath sounded like just the ticket. A little vino, a little candle light…

“Aaaaahh.” She sighed contentedly, knowing she had an hour or so alone before one or both of her growing boys got hungry enough to come crawling back in search of dinner, which to indulge herself in.. in.. What the heck did single moms with no available cash indulge in these days?

A bubble bath would have to do.

She made the mistake of pausing a moment too long in front of the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door as she settled into the tub.

“Whew! The presents poorly wrapped, these days.” she said aloud, running her hand over the stretch marks resembling a road map imprinted on her belly. A little souvenir from having been distended far beyond the manufacturers recommendations when she was pregnant with the twins.

But, dammit, even on days like today when they hated her guts, it was worth it.

‘They’re the only thing their loser father ever got right.’ She thought to herself as she screwed the top off a $5.99 bottle of emotion erasing pinot noir. She poured some in a coffee cup, took a long swig and submerged everything but the wine in the heavenly lavender scented water.

‘That’s not true.’ She smiled to herself as she emerged, covered in a froth of fluffy lavender scented bubbles. ‘He was damn good in bed too….’

Written for Tnkerr’s OLWG Challenge #101 using the phrases: los pobrecitos, the present was poorly wrapped, and bottle of emotions.


9 thoughts on “Amalia

  1. The woes of a single parent: I know them so well. And the joys. And you write it so well.
    My eldest daughter (of 3) had just hit her teens, and of course she wanted what her friends had; friends who had two parents, both out at work all day, leaving their young teen girls unattended. And that proved the crux. To this day I don’t know what happened, but she came in one evening and slung her arms around me and said, I wouldn’t change you for everything they’ve got, cos I’ve got you when I come home and they’ve not.
    Such a loving response didn’t last out her teen-years. But it was nice while it lasted.

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  2. This was so well done, Violet. I am in her shoes, right now. Mind you, they are young adults but…
    See, even if I could afford to get my boys phones, I wouldn’t. That was something we agreed upon. You want one, you can pay for it yourself…


  3. I told my grandchildren excitedly that I had reached a 100 followers on WordPress after one year. They just laughed at me. Their hamster Bubbles has 280 followers on Instagram and their dog Finn has 420 followers on Instagram. Pets rule on social media not people. I heard Apple is coming out with iPhones for pets. Forget the teenagers. Nice story Violet.


  4. Well written, so true all over. But he was good in bed…there is more than sex in life, right? Right? RIGHT?


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