Sucked clean

She sat alone on the bank of the river
like bones sucked clean of flesh.
Empty. Hollow. Numb.
Her mother was gone.
She was alone now. An orphan.
Alone in a world in which she belonged to no one,
and no one belonged to her.

Her thoughts led back to
the clinic. To the day
they casually sucked the stray soul
from her womb.
So her mother would never know.
She wished now she had told her
That she could hold that baby in her arms.

She sat alone on the bank of the river.
And rocked.

Written for Crispina’s Crimson’s Creative Challenge utilizing Misky’s
Twiglet, ‘sucked bones clean’.

17 thoughts on “Sucked clean

  1. There are many beliefs as to when souls start. Some say with breath…
    I would like to believe that somewhere reincarnated every soul gets all the chances they want at living in a loved life.
    And that forgiveness is a gift those souls can give when they are unable to make it to live at any particular time for any reason…


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