My View

It is trailer park crazy up here, just up the road from Healy Alaska. I am talking Meth Lab Central looking to the more discerning eye. Junk cars, discarded furniture, buses that have a number of wheels standing between them and the road.

I am assigned to a trailer named Sunshine. She is a rich harvest gold. She is warm and bright, and I would venture to guess has been- since that color was a staple in American home decorating.

My view is snow capped Mount Healy, crowned in her majestic Castle Rock. I follow the moose tracks on the footpath just outside my bedroom window. They take me to the spruce surrounded silence that is Lake Otto, still tucked under what’s left of winters warm blanket of ice. The scent of spring whistles on the wind. And it is no longer the autumn of my life.

Healy Alaska
essential ingredients
in abundance

Wind, sky, and mountains
more than make up for the lack
of running water

Tinderbox trailer
park, kindling for long dried soul
ignites infinite
possibilities for a
blossom once lost in the haze

Written for Frank’s Hakai Challenge: Blossoms Haze.

My connectivity is currently limited. We have wifi in the wash house, which is right next to the outhouse, but not in our individual trailers.

I have imparted on an amazing adventure, and I’ll do my best to take you along, that is if you feel like doing remote Alaska in the springtime…

10 thoughts on “Healy

  1. I bet when everything comes into bloom it’s going to be stunningly beautiful there. And the Northern Lights you’ll be able to see… I’m looking forward to ride along from the flatlands of Minnesota.


  2. Enjoy your adventure, Violet, and stay safe. Please keep us in the loop as much as you can. Alaska is beautiful, which most don’t realize. It has its dark side, as well, like any other place.


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