and we dance…

Image by Shrikesh Kumar from Pixabay

the moon high and full
soothing and warm..
me in red silk
you, all in black.
we glide above the floor,
you the wick, and i the flame.
consumed. devoured.
we sing, beloved love songs
no one else can hear.
i the melody,
you the refrain.
your lips fall,
soft upon my throat,
leaving behind
the essence,
of a warm wet wind
where your tongue has been.
you caress me with your lips,
you trace my soul,
marking me.
the sweet scent of you
upon my flesh,
becomes mine.
your eyes concealed,
you are silhouetted
in the cool iridescent glow
of the candlelight moon.
you draw me in.
i cleave to you,
afraid to offset
our delicate balance.
and we dance….

the warm humid breeze
of your breath on my neck,
becomes cool.
shivering, i become aware
of a cold wind in the pines.
it sweeps against my cheek,
scattering my dream of you,
and, i am left alone,
in the moonlight,
striving to hear unsung songs
face pressed ever so tightly
atop the soft flesh
of my own arm,
the trail of your kisses
down the softest part of my throat
traced, by only a path
of my own tears…

Posted for Paula’s Thursday’s Inspiration Challenge 1: Ghosts Utilizing her photo prompt.

Hey, I’m in Healy AK and do not have connectivity right now. I’ll be back, just not sure when.

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