The Door

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #24

I approach the door which separates me from my memory of you. My fingers trace the worn spots- where I have held on tight, the rough edges- where I have tried to pry my hands free, the deep grooves- in which I have lost so much of myself.

I spend forever peering thru the vast emptiness of the keyhole- the portal to which I know you have the only key. Afraid to let go, and even more afraid, that if I ever do open the door- you won’t be there.

If I did allow myself to move on, how many hearts would I singe- how many lives would I unravel- knowing all the while, you have always been right?

I hear a voice, from
deep within my illusion-
a familiar voice,
emanating from my heart,
“you will never love anyone
like you love me”
and I know, he has won…

Posted for Crimsons’s Creative Challenge Photo Prompt #24 and Girlie on the Edge’s Six Sentence Story, Cue word: Memory.

56 thoughts on “The Door

  1. The heart you’ve managed to singe is mine. Reminded me right of the time when I was told I wouldn’t love anyone as much as I loved you. It’s actually funny how the world’s spun so much since that everybody has forgotten what love even means.

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  2. Dude!*

    * traditional Y Chromian expression of admiration for a work requiring putting one’s self way the hell out there and, simultaneously, expressing it in such a way that the reader can be touched both by the words and the emotional resonation it elicits. often accompanied by fist bump

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  3. Rarely do the “big questions” just involve oneself as is indicated in your line “If I did allow myself to move on, how many hearts would I singe- how many lives would I unravel.”
    A SSS of beautiful prose.

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    • I think entering into a relationship knowing it can never measure up to a previous love is quite one sided.. and unfair. maybe something was lost in translation. Thank you for stopping in to comment, Pat.


  4. doors open one way and some relationships are one sided, the one having the key has the final say, so unfair. i love the metaphor of the grooves the best, places we are almost hidden but so there. really love this one Violet, there’s trauma and there’s healing

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