No olive branch

Unable to find original attribution

I accuse him. In my attempt to prove he has lied, yet again, it becomes evident that my accusation is unfounded.

My accusation is based on facts. The fact that he is a compulsive liar. The fact that I cannot believe a word that comes out of his mouth- without researching it first. The fact that our friendship has been irreparably maimed by a continuous stream of untruths. The fact that I am angry. The fact that I feel disrespected, betrayed.

I apologize for my erroneous accusation, however, I cannot find it in my heart, to extend the olive branch.

Nothing so simple
as the lily’s promise of
resurrection, can
bring forgiveness, when the heart
has been fermented by lies.

This Haibun/Tanka has been written for Frank Tassone’s Haikai Challenge: Easter Lily and Misk’s Twiglet: ‘nothing so simple‘.

41 thoughts on “No olive branch

      • meaning it is a deeply implanted habit, so hard to pull oneself up on when they don’t even realise it’s so ingrained … work out a hand signal or sign that you do every time he tells another one. Like a hand at stop, pull your ear, finger across your lips … some indicator that you can use in public to tell him he’s done it again!

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      • Ah! Do unto others, “The milk of human kindness” “Forgive and Forget” how about “Once Bitten twice shy” “Walk Away Renee” There has to come a point when self preservation in lieu of insanity takes over. We all thank you. Nice Write!💜🌼

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  1. Worse than lies is when nothing is said. But that is another story for another time.
    There are good people and hopefully you have found some and will find more.
    I have read that some physiologist say compulsive liars do not have the ability to be truthful. I don’t buy that – I think the people who lie all the time have their manipulative genes in overdrive. And keeping ones distance from those folks is sometimes the only solution.

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    • I am with you n believing they can at least redeem themselves by retracting the lie once it has been told. Personally I remove myself from their presence whenever possible. And Saturday, it becomes possible..

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      • As a guy whose lies took his life apart piece by piece, I’d tell you a thing. The thing about lies is not how or why, it’s about conforming to what the people see in you. The image or persona that I tried living upto became so overwhelming that I consolidated by lying. Now that everything is dead and gone, I can look at the bigger picture and see what’s wrong in it. But back then? It was all about the short terms and smiling another day and living a comfortable lie rather than a harsh truth.

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