Pub talk

“One for the road, Henry?”

“Not for me, I’m broken.”

“No worries. You’ve bought me a beer when I was broke.”

“Broken. Not broke. I’ve got money.”

“What’s up man? Personal problems?”

“I’m not complaining. That’s not what I do.”

“Have it your way. I’ll not seek to impress you with my acute problem solving skills if you don’t want me to.”

“And I’ve got George to thank for that.”

“Whaddaya mean?’

“Are you saying it wasn’t you that advised him to get his old lady the gym membership?”

“How could I know she’d twist that around to mean he thought she was fat!”

This rather cliche piece of writing was written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing prompt: Impress in exactly 104 words and Tnkerr’s OLWG Challenge using the phrases: ‘I’m broken.’ ‘That’s not what I do,’ and ‘One for the road.’

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