Photo Courtesy of Dale Rogerson

“What started off as a routine trip to the dumpster, quickly became otherworldly. The street was bathed in fading light, street lamps just coming on. Then right before my very eyes, this guy across the street blurred, and disappeared into oblivion. No amount of rethinking, rapid blinking, or telling myself he was never there can convince me I didn’t see him.”

Or maybe that’s just the best excuse I can come up with to explain why I dropped the trash bag mid stride, and ran like hell to get back inside.

After all, my IBS is nobody’s business but mine.

Written for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers, and Go Dog Go Cafe’s Prompt Phrase: Fading light

41 thoughts on “Oops..

  1. Oh, yeah — that moment between a skipped heart-beat and the sudden pounding of fear. Been there and done that on more than one occassion. Never gets old.

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