A little white lie

Photo courtesy of Krista Purmale on Unsplash

“Charlatan.” I cackled, as the lovelorn young man who paid handsomely for my Pink Moon Potion, stepped outside. He raised his arm, hailed a cab, and was gone.

“On the 19th of this month, at exactly 7:12 AM, she must drink this.” I had instructed. “The transformation is immediate.”

A little white lie. No one would come to any harm.

Charlatan Pink Moon
Brings hope of transformation
Where there should be none.

A Haibun written using Sammi Cox Weekend Writing prompt: Charlatan, in exactly 61 words (prose only). Frank J Tassone’s Haikai Challenge word prompt: Pink Moon and Tnkerr’s OLGW #98 using the phrases:‘outside, he raised his arm and hailed a cab’ and ‘a little white lie’

34 thoughts on “A little white lie

  1. I suppose a potion purchased from a charlatan might do no harm. Except for the loss of cash, and disappointment, and perhaps an entanglement of circumstances wrought by a wish that never happened.
    Tell your charlatan, next time she should use my recipe. 🙂

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