If they spoke a her birth, she never heard ‘em. If they blamed her for mamas dyin’, she was unaware. If they thought she was less than, ‘cause she couldn’t hear ‘em, they was wrong. ’cause she never knowed, and could’na cared.

As a babe she never cried, so they called her Silence. As a child she never spoke, nothin’ ta say. When she was eight, she tended house, for her papa. There in silence, cookin’ an mendin’, filled her days.

When she was twelve, they brought a man ’round, name a Henry. When she was fifteen, papa sent her off, to be his wife. She cried inside, that night, when he done it to her, but in silence, she accepted her new life.

Season passed, and she could see, her belly growin’. When Henry patted, her belly bump, it made him smile. But when the pains come, she had, no way a knowin’, that Li’l Henry, had been in there, all the while.

With Henry workin’, sun up to down, in the fields. With no papa, no kit or kin, all this was new. She learned herself, how to care, for Li’l Henry. He spent his days, and learned the ways, of silence too…

Posted for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt word: Silence. “How you use the prompt is up to you.”

27 thoughts on “Silence

  1. A sobering story that I think is too often true. It’s difficult to write in dialect and you did a great job with that. Now I’m going to go and fee sad for Silence and little baby Silence and all the silent people out there.

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  2. Dammit. I lost my comment on my phone. Lemme see if I can remember it.
    Love that the word “Silence” brought you here (and that you dissed the 15 word-challenge to go with what spoke to you) and you told such a story that gave me the shivers. That is Resilient with a capital R. You are a fabulous story-teller, Violet.
    Only complaint I have about this here blog is that your comments are black on violet. But I love the violet, so I’ll strain my eyes.

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    • I’ve tried several templates and every possible color scheme to get better quality color on my comment font, to no avail. I can make it gray, but that’s even harder to read. Thank you for your perseverance, and take comfort in the fact I never get as many comments as you!! 😜


      • Yous think they’d think of offering white! No worries. You cant get rid of me that easily.
        The comments on mine get out of hand because what starts out as a comment becomes a friggin chat room!

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  3. How gripping! You have addressed the story and the subject matter with such sensitivity and a natural flow of how things have been and still exist — even though there is a lack of individual agency, for the most part, the narration portrays it in a note which is empathetic and challenging to think about.


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