Vernal Haikuz

Photo by Levi Guzman via Unsplash

Grace, Charm, and Beauty
The three graces escape me
In mud covered boots
To me, spring cleaning
Means finding out what’s taken
Root under the fridge
Giai’s hot flashes
Window panes on roller skates
Her prerogative

Shall I continue?
There are more where those came from.
I’m game if you are.

Written for Chelsea Ann Owens terrible Poetry Contest. This weeks call is for springtime haiku.

24 thoughts on “Vernal Haikuz

  1. I will be giving the spring cleaning a miss this year. I no longer care what might be lurking behind the fridge, or whether there is dust on the shelves. I have a book to finish and everything else will have to wait!

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  2. Wow, through windows of pain I could see the flashes of charm on roller skates flying through the mud haiku style. Fine root cellar too. Comprehensive indeed. Ah Springy things.


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