The Crack

This is written for a new Finish the Story Flash Fiction Challenge put together by Rachel on her blog, Fitful, Fearful, Phantasmal. The opener for the story, her post entitled From a Crack in the Wall can be found here. All are invited to join in, the word count is 300 and there is no tagging involved. I had fun with it. I’d do it again.

Photo Courtesy of Fitful, Fearful, Phantasmal

As he sprinted toward the crack in the wall, his thoughts, a virtual ticker tape of endless possibilities, clicked off the methods in which he could employ this most clever tool. It took him less than a quarter mile to conclude, nothing would remain out of his reach if the crack’s gifts were properly harnessed- and exploited correctly.

If his unrehearsed subliminal suggestions were sufficient to entice a natural spring to become a fountain of warm milk, why shouldn’t he at least try to get the wall to produce something of real value. Like money..

A gifted litigator by profession, words were the tools of his trade. If anyone could craft a request, formidable enough to produce the desired end result, it was Tam Rogan.

First and foremost, he understood that if his plan was going to work, every thought he allowed to pass through his mind in the presence of the crack was crucial. Therefore, preparation was paramount.

The sun had long reached its zenith by the time he deemed his argument polished enough to present it to the crack. Taking three deep cleansing breaths, he cleared his mind of all divergent influences, stepped into the flow of spring water bubbling from the crack in wall, and launched into his premeditated recitation.

No sooner had he concluded his expertly crafted opening statement, when from somewhere out on the footpath, an insufferably irritating nasal voice intruded upon his brilliantly crafted narration of thought.

Always quick with a rebuttal, Tam’s brain sprung into immediate action and before he could sensor it, “Would you stick a cork in it!” burst onto the horizon of his cerebrum overtaking the elaborate scheme of thought he had so expertly orchestrated.

The crack in the wall, followed his cerebral direction to a T.

Clever tool indeed.

14 thoughts on “The Crack

  1. HAHAHHHA!! So clever! It is like one of those Twilight Zone episodes where you get your comeuppance from being too greedy. And I like the way you built up the tension for us to find out what he would say/do. Great ending! I had not even considered this ending. So glad you wrote this. I really enjoyed it!! ❤

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