Up The Sandbox

Photo Courtesy of Susan Spaulding

When Margaret closed her eyes, Harold was no longer the comely shoe salesman, sitting at the foot of the angled fitting stool on which she presently rested her scantily bootied size 11.

Much to her delight, he was now reclining seductively on a studded leather incline bench, muscles rippling, skin glistening with the well wrought glow of an intense workout. Her delicately placed, perfectly painted toes serving as resistance while he, groaning with primordial pleasure,  lifted his too taut core- closer, closer.

So close she could smell the virility of his testosterone laden sweat, when he intimately indulged himself on her delectable digits; devouring with them-any desire she may have had of remaining virtuous to her virginity.

Her titillating toes still languishing on his luscious lips- Harold spoke.

“Sorry Ma’am, but you’re gonna to have to uncurl your toes if I’m ever gonna fit you with this oxford.”

This is written in the spirit of the 1972 movie, Up The Sandbox, starring Barbra Streisand.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction

23 thoughts on “Up The Sandbox

  1. Humor and imagination – two vital characteristics for survival!
    I was watching a show about shoes… a particular real pair; that I think may have inspired the Cinderella story.
    It was a History at the Museum show. I can’t find the episode though it might have been in 2017.
    But then most fairy tales have a grain of truth.

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  2. Hello! I am so happy to see your prose here! ❤

    I would have sent you a private message but couldn't find a link for that. Sorry I hope it's okay but, just wondered if you would be interested at all in trying out my little writing challenge. It only asks for 300 words. I began a strange story (500 words) and asked that the readers write the ending.

    I think you would do a great job. If you can think of anyone else who likes writing challenges like that please pass this along. I'd really enjoy reading these so much! Just in the name of the writing community and writing practice. Thanks!

    Hope you are well!


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    • Why thank you for seeking me out. I have read your opener and it is intriguing. I also followed as I hadn’t realized I wasn’t. Is this a feature on your blog or did you just give it a go?


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