“let me in.”

she lurks just
outside my window.
from the shadows
she implores,
“let me in.”
-eyes so wide,
so innocent.
she taps lightly
on the pane
and whispers,
“i’m scared.”
“let me in.”

she lurks just
outside my window.
it should be so easy
to just open it,
and let her in..
but instead,
i draw the blind
so i can’t see her
i write poems,
i paint with words,
and i pretend.

that the scared,
little child
just outside
my window
is not me-
i don’t long,
to let her in.

Posted for Chelsea Ann Owens Terrible Poetry Contest. The call this week is for poems about Unrequited Love.

22 thoughts on ““let me in.”

  1. fear can break windows and the vision is lost. Unrequited self-love? As a stand-alone poem, it might not be terrible enough to win. I thought it was one of those legendary spirits trying to get in. Good surprise.

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    • if you read the poem, as a poet, it is me that is pining for my inner child/self, if you read it literally, the inner child/self loves me and I am unresponsive. Thus my entry as unrequited love. And I definitely agree smashing the window and dragging her through it might ruin the mood… hahaha


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