PHOTO PROMPT© Sandra Crook

Ten long years spent behind locked iron gates awaiting my release. And now that it is here, I am so filled with fear, a part of me wants to stay.

I know it sounds crazy, but what am I going out to? No one waiting at the gate, no place to call home. Will I be added to the throngs of the homeless, the drug addled, the petty thieves, the lost, the forgotten?

With just two hundred dollars gate money, and an appointment with parole- my freedom looms ominously before me, yet all I can think about- is escape.

Written for Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt, and Girlie on the Edge’s Six Sentence Story Prompt: Place, and The Haunted Wordsmiths Story Starter, “Ten long years”.

74 thoughts on “Escape

  1. Good story, Violet, and a very important problem for society. How on earth do we enable prisoners to re-join conventional society and not just fall back into criminal company and habits? You dramatize the issue effectively.

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    • Thank you, Penny. We need to think about it. We are incarcerating huge numbers of people, all of which will be released with $200 and an appointment with a PO.. Where do we expect them to go?


  2. Nice.*
    Agree with the other readers about how effective a story of the prison the self can be… what was the line from the Eagles song,
    “So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
    And we never even know we have the key”

    Good Six
    * not nice nice, more nice nice… as in powerful

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  3. Dear Violet,

    Some are beyond rehabilitation and fall back to the known ways. Well written story.



    PS I found an extra word for you. 😉 “With just just two hundred dollars gate money,” Only one ‘just’ needed.

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  4. You have written a truthful terse and blunt SSS that speaks of an acute lamentation of prisoners and the rest of society. There needs to be a better way.

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  5. Looms! I get it!

    Originsl twist on the prompt photo, though I can see how all the twisting threads could prompt thoughs of being bound or imprisoned.

    “Gate money” is such an ironic phrase. Usually enough for a bus home.

    You have described a perpetual problem which, at least in the States, we have hardly made any better in my lifetime.


  6. Wonderfully done, Violet. Brings “Shawshank Redemption” to mind and how, after being locked up for so long (well, your fellow is not quite so long) they actually miss the security that the prison brings. It is a scary world out there, especially when you come with so many points against you.

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  7. This will continue to happen when offenders with low level of skills and education get incarcerated and are not taught any skills to help them to integrate with society again. A thoughtful take on the prompt.

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