Note to the Netherworld

When I abandoned all aspects of self, and melted into you, I thought, how can I lose you, if there is no distinction between where you end, and I begin?

So when I lost you, still impervious to the fact that I was ever a whole person without you, I built a life on the foundation of your loss.

Recently I remembered, I once had a bucket list all my own. I checked off Aurora Borealis in February, and I am prepared to check off the second entry next month.

No, I havenโ€™t forgotten you- I just remembered me.

Written for Carrot Ranch’s Prompt: Bucket and Sammi Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt: Impervious, both of whom required exactly 99 words this week.

40 thoughts on “Note to the Netherworld

  1. Pingback: Chelsea Ann Owens ~
    • Thank you, Michael. It is indeed autobiographical. I set off on a life long dream adventure the 27th of this month. I am moving to Alaska. I’ve got my sea legs after my trip there in February and I’m looking extremely forward to this new chapter in my life.

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      • Very exciting and very cool! I’ve never been to Alaska (the closest I’ve come is the TV show Northern Exposure) but the images I’ve seen are beyond beautiful. I’ll be looking forward to pictures of the northern lights once you get settled.


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