AppleTini by ArtistHazzard on Deviant Art

The crowd had been cheap and greedy, she’d barely made a grand, and must have had at least as many hands pawing at her in the process- “714 East 34th St.” she barked at the driver, as she threw her costume bag onto the cab’s frayed leatherette bench seat, and slid in.

The driver wore a black hoodie, the hood cinched up, so she couldn’t see his face at all-  not even the whites of his eyes- “tough guy,” she surmised, when he never even tried to catch a glimpse of her in the rear view mirror, “some kind of wanna be thug.”

Maybe she’d had a couple too many Appletinis, because she didn’t realize she’d drifted off until she felt the cab come to an abrupt stop- without looking at the meter, she let the usual twenty five fly over the seat, “keep the change” she said perfunctorily, as she grabbed her costume bag, and reached for the door handle- that was when she heard the auto lock kicking in on her door…

The words, “What the hell are you doing?” froze on her tongue as she caught sight of the driver for the first time-  now she could see not only the whites of his eyes, but the steel blue irises they surrounded as well- looking not only at her, but seemingly straight thru her, as the driver reached up with a withered hand and slid the hood back, revealing a face- not so much old, as it was decayed.

“You a good looking woman- but then, you already know that- I am not such a good looking man- anymore, and it isn’t as easy as it once was for me to get close to a woman- beautiful as you- but you an me, we gonna get close, we gonna get real close.”

“I got a hot little place, just a few minutes south a here, name a Lucifer’s- maybe you heard if it-  kinda place don’t nobody care what you look like- I treat everybody just the same; so wadda ya say you let me buy you a drink- Appletini isn’t it?”

Posted for Girlie on the Edge’s Blog Six Sentence Story. The Prompt this week is : Drive.

34 thoughts on “Appletini

  1. What the hell is it that makes us* want to hear more, when the bad guy isn’t simply the sixth-grade-after-school-without-any-adults-around-variety-bully but Satan hisownself?
    Not that anyone doesn’t expect bad things to ensue. Perhaps its a bit of resonance with the fallen side that we all (well, some of us) possess.

    * well, ok, I’ll allow that maybe it’s just me and people like me… just don’t tell anyone

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    • No, I don’t think it’s just you, Clark. For example, look at the fame Black Sabbath, particularly Ozzy gained based on a misguided belief they were in some way connected tot he occult. They named the band after a movie of the same name they saw on a marquee on the way to the studio, and Ozzy found a deck of Thoth Tarot cards in a dressing room and read a book about Crowley, period. He even pronounced his name wrong and STILL people wanted to believe….


  2. That is a brilliant opening. I like how apathy becomes disgust becomes surprise becomes pure fear, leaving the reader with both dread and intrigue. This has the makings of an amazing suspense story.

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