Such a Deal

photo by Artem Bali via Unsplash

When Saul arrived at Diana’s Diner, there was a handwritten sign posted on the front door, it read: ‘Due to the overwhelming response to our New Early Bird Specials, single diners are asked to please be seated at the coffee bar, as tables are now reserved for parties of two or more.’

Never one to accept change without putting up some kind of a fight, Saul voiced his disapproval of the new policy by exclaiming, “Such a deal! Now it’s a sin to be single?” as he plunked  himself down on the counter’s last available red leatherette stool.

Miriam, having had her eye on Saul for quite some time, quickly took this opportunity to engage him in conversation by responding, “So maybe this is Diana’s way of playing matchmaker?” -and the rest as they say is history.

Written for Sonya’s Three Line Tales #163

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