Three drops

Fortune Teller by Pretty Monsters on Deviant art

A $10.00 tarot reading at a carnival sideshow.

An additional $10.00 for a love potion, guaranteed to reward you with his constant attentions.

Such a small price to pay…

In a flash you have replaced the man you married, with the man of your dreams.

Three drops, the gypsy had said, three drops, no more no less..

Three drops of pink tinted sugar water, worthless as a potion of love, but lethal in combination with just a trace of peanut oil, Emily cackled to herself, as she removed Johns medical alert bracelet, and dialed 911.

Posted for Girlie on the Edge’s Six Sentence Story, Cue word: Flash

36 thoughts on “Three drops

  1. loved the Six
    (a little Bradbury/Serling-esque little tale… plenty of room of the Reader to add their own personal imagery*)

    *not that any reader of the Six would be so inclined as to imagine…. lol

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  2. She may have the constant attention the one who will haunt her dreams forever because of the horrendous act she committed. That being said, you wrote a SSS (Scary Six Sentences).

    Liked by 1 person

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