Food Fight

Photo by GDJ on Pixabay

i overheard them
a note of superiority
had been struck..
dropping catch words
like sustainable,
free range, organic,
locally grown, and such..
and i could tell
from the tone of
their voices,
they had thought
about it, a lot..
about how elevated
above the masses
their pallets had become
and how their
cutting edge
elitist eating
set them
oh, so high above-
the impoverished single mother
struggling to feed her kids
in whose apparent
still chose? to fill
their hungry bellies
with mac and cheese
and pork-n-beans
and (gasp) a couple of
cool ranch doritos….

Posted for Chelsea Ann Owen’s Terrible Poetry Contest call for poetry with a moral.

24 thoughts on “Food Fight

  1. That is a lifestyle most people cannot afford. I once bought organic cherries at the grocery store before I knew the price, and when I found out at the cashier, my jaw dropped and I wanted to return it, but since it was the only item I was buying and there was a line behind me, I was too embarrassed and bought it anyway. Your writing really brings back memories. I stay away from the organic section now.

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      • There will always be an elitist mentality in a commercial society where price discrimination (selling practically the same product to different socioeconomic groups) exists. Why else is the bottled water market so robust? It is a sad reality but unavoidable in capitalistic societies.

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    • And I like that the message resonates with you, Len. I like to think I am not the only one that thinks that the food one can afford to eat is not acceptable criteria for moral judgment. Thank you for joining in the conversation.


  2. This does resonate so well, different income classes, the struggle to feed ourselves, it can get a bit too finicky with some people, going to extremes when the same food can be had much cheaper and as nourishing, same nutrients. Eating well can be had as well when we know where to shop to bargains. Health food stores are highly priced. Food chain stores are not offering all these so called healthy, organic, pure foods at much lower prices. It is all a choice with the means we have on hand. Practical or over the top finicky.

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  3. This subject really, REALLY burns my dog-hide. A couple years ago a study came out that showed in terms of calories per dollar, a Big Mac was one of the best things you could buy in any restaurant. I bought a book called “Good and Cheap” to support people on foodstamps, since the money went towards giving the cookbook to those who were on a foodstamp supplement – then I found out EVERYTHING took hours to make even though the title did fulfill its promise. World isn’t made for upward mobility, no matter what they say.

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  4. You messaged me in response to a poem I wrote. “I’m seldom jealous”, you said. I should think not! And you have no reason to envy my poetry. I think the only reason you do is because I happen to have written a poem that you might have – had you walked in my shoes. I believe that you have the same passion for words that I do; for the sounds of them and the way they feel. Between you and me, it’s unusual for me to find poetry that I like, but I like yours; it’s divine.

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    • I AM jealous that you wrote that and not me! I do lots of expository writing and I love reading it when it’s written in blood. The paper pig bleeds. Oh that’s right your from the UK… I mean this as the utmost compliment! 😊


  5. It seems to me we are born with an impulse to rank ourselves superior or inferior to other humans. We do it almost the instant we meet someone. We do it thoughtlessly as well — a fact I am near certain helps us to think it makes perfect sense to rank ourselves and others. This poem bites all of that stupidity in its ass. Bless you for posting it.

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