Forgive Me

Standing on the corner by Lexis Kayzenobia

Does it ever occur to you, that you have sacrificed
Everything, for a hope, for a wish, for a dream? that your
Armageddon, may never come? that your “new world”,
Real though you have made it in your own mind’s
Eye could, in the end, be no more “the truth”, than the
Stories of heaven and hell, which you so vehemently reject?
That the afterlife is, what it is, regardless of what we believe?

Many times you have said, even if it turns
Out that “the truth” is not “the truth”, you will die secure in
The fact that you have led an honorable life…
How can you say that, knowing that you have turned your back on
Each of us? that you have time and time again chosen the path of
ighteousness, over your own flesh and blood??

Please hear me out. don’t interject your
Life’s philosophy, your god’s word’s. while I know they mean
Everything to you, they mean nothing, at all to me.
All I know is he/she/it has taken you, prisoner,
Stolen your free will, white-washed your mind,
Erased from your heart, every trace of the girl that bore me.

For every hurt, I have caused you, for every
One of my transgressions, I have come before you,
Repentant, full of regret, begging your forgiveness… the
God of my comprehension, has forgiven me. and yet
I know, in your eyes, I remain unacceptable.
Virtually judged and sentenced am I, as you choose
Everlasting life- in paradise with your god- yet again, over me.

Mother please, just this once, before it is too late, before
Everything we could ever be, is forever lost- forgive me…

An Acrostic Poem posted in response to dverse Poet’s Pub Poetics call for poems dealing with Blame and Forgiveness

38 thoughts on “Forgive Me

  1. It’s heartbreaking to let the rules and narrative you have chosen for yourself come between you and your child (or your parent, the roles are often reversed). You’ve expressed this conflict well. Hopefully the hand that reaches out will be met halfway. (K)

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